Shopping shopping shopping, so much shopping to be done.

We are to have Surstömmingkalas tomorrow. rodaulven-big.jpg

The Red Wolf will spread the core of it's being among us.
It's question about eating fish that has been rotted first. Is it sane?

surstromming_klassisk_222.jpg The whole thing is pretty much an excuse to drink lots strong alcohol. We had a kalas (=party in swedish) six years ago. Three years ago we went to Stokholm's archipelago to eat some more and now it's time to gather again.

How does it taste then?
Hmm, one of us liked the fish last as it reminded her about home. She comes from Kemi, and there they have this factory that produces pulp. And smells. Bad.

Another person analyzed the smell saying that think how it smells as you fart on a day you are badly hangn over.

To make it less awful one eats fhe fish with bread, raw onion, dill, tomatoes and souercram. We'll
have special delivery of tunnbröb coming up from Sweden for the purpose.

Why would one eat the fart then?

Hmm, a good question. It's one of those things one can not explain so that it would make any sense. I'm sure there is some word for this in psyciatry explaining this thing with something about group humiliation. And our friends are quite active gathering up on any good purpose to spend time together.

Oh well, we are getting visitors from Estonia, Sweden and Hong Kong for the party.  I'll ask them to post their comments how it really was.