I had surfed the food scene before we went to the States. New York Restaurants, Time Out and specially its cheap eats etc. I knew a lot about it. We had these printouts that were colorcordinated with the map. Little exxagerating, but not much.

We did not go to expensive places but we did not pitch the pennies so sometimes a lunch for two ended up costing $48 Dim Sun Go Go (dim sum made to order)dimsumgogo.jpg in some days
and $26 Caracas arepa bar (arepas) some others.


Our first night we got this truly Woody Allen experience in Celeste, in Upper West side. Tiny place filled with tables and noice. We ate tryly good eggplant stuffed with pecorino, baked and server with tomato sauce made with fresh, ripe tomatoes. My fried ricotta with salad with superb dressing was good as well.

But the "experience" feeling came by as we were listening these two ladies at table beside us. There sure was talking about the health insurance, therapist, counsellor, nutritionist, "the man whom I was dating then who had murdered his ex wife" (Í sure do hope we heard wrong). Anyhow these ladies kept on going their entire meal and as the older lady ordered her coffee, I really give credits for the waitress for being able to follow what kind of milk foamed which way served on side on a what size of cup of which decaf.

The free formed pizza from coal oven we shared w/Palle  was partly great partly not. Pizza w/o cheese is not for us. The part of the quarto that had cheese was magnificent. Next time we'll know what to order.


Chicago Style Spinach Dip  in Houstons was an experience I would like to experience again. Together with Brooklyns lager.

This is not our picture so the spinichdip did not look this bad.