To start with, when shall one buy tickets? If I buy it today what kind of ad with great offer will they have tomorrow?

What kind of weather will it be? What kind of people sitting beside you on a plane or living in the cabin beside you on a boat. And is your cabin beside the karaoke bar or disco?

As I write this I'm listening my most likely young neighbours. Male. Lots of them. I'm too chicken to check it out but pretty loud they are. Unfortunately I'll be able to tell you their stories tomorrow. But went by the boatsoffice and told them to keep their eye on the cabin 4319. So guy's. It was me who spoiled your trip.


At least I had luck with table lottery. Ate in this all you can eat buffet. I just love the shrimp from salty waters. Sat in a table with this man in 50's from Riihimäki. He was almost ok as we discussed about Estonia, travelling (=I told him where to go as he has never been outside of Tallin) and shopping (Tallinna peeneleib, mädäroigas from turg as well as hapukoor and lavash). Ended up drinking only 3 or 4 classes of "beverages".