We all hear the horror stories about going to the U.S. and queuing in a line for hours. There are couple ways to cut the lines (being extra young or old), and now I discovered “my way”. I’ll share this secret with you.

You can do it the natural way of fake it.

The main object on this scene is the collectible object of sea(air)sickness bag.

You arrive to the immigrations hall and see that as your friend flying 1st class are just approaching the stalls, the queue begins tho reach the end of the labyrinth. No worry as you are in cold sweat and holding as much air sickness bags (Empty do the trick as well, but if there is really horrible queues and warm weather, little “filling” does not hurt) is your hands as you just can, then approach the (black)lady  saying: “I’ve been throwing up couple of times in past half an hour, could we cut the queue?”

Ta dam. There you are having nice chit chat with the friends before it is your turn to give the fingerprints and allow the muck shop to be taken. Be aware the “Mrs Lee” in JFK. She will ask tricky questions about the hotel you have written in your card,  how much did you pay etc. She had all the time she wanted to do some promoting for Brooklyn as well. Ok, she had the electric key for the cattle bars as well so we had no choise.