I've got two breads in the oven, four doughs waiting for their turn. Four hams are getting warmer and getting exited for hot-hot-hot moments to follow. Not bad as it is 24 hours until the party time!

Christmas tree is decorated and drinking thirstily. We had some debate if the tree can have too much fancy decoration, but agreed that saying  "korea kuin joulukuusi" ~ glossy/gay/beauteous as a x-mas tree, has to have some meaning in it.
a 1 (pintakorea
) glossya (loistavanvärinen) 2 brilliant, gorgeous 3 gaya 4 beautiful, beauteous

As I'm lying on the couch and running to my stove every now and then as my digital timer or the smell of something burning tells me to. (I went there just now and noticed that I have to make one more batch of bread tomorrow as this loaf looks more like a piece of coal).
Note 15 minutes later~went back to look what's still wrong- my stupid Italian oven had upper heat on. No wonder the top of the bread looks how it looks.

Why do I torture myself with a party like this? We are expecting anything between 60 to 100 people to arrive tomorrow. Are we doing this voluntarily?  That is a good question. I want to have it, I don't want to have it, and I want to have it. Depends on the day.

No doubt, I love these parties. I love to see how people get to meet each other year after year. They continue discussions fallen by the wayside in Palle's B-day party or previous x-masparty. So many of us have our inner circle, those whom we meet, or wish to meet, more. But couple of more acquaintance and maybe future friends never harms anyone.

I have to admit I hate the feeling I get as it is time to plan and in almost every line in the person in charge is my name. And those with Palle's name I end up doing as I have no patience to wait. All my fault, but I assume there is a message there about something to be learned. Keywords might be; letting to go, delegate, and trust. And the list is made by me.

Another moment that I dislike is when Palle starts yelling to me "do this" or "be here" during the party. This year we have three (to six) girls coming to help in the kitchen and at the door. This is to avoid those moments that I should do anything else than enjoy the moment with our guests.

And believe or not, it's not that much to do to have a party like this. You just bake couple breads, cook some hams, make mustard and hire couple of slaves to see that everything is in its place. Don't you believe me?