I’ve started my second year with Newsec Oy. I wish to thrive there and enjoy my work and fabulous workmates. Take it easy enough to not to fall on my face with too much work and keep on learning.

In the end of January we will have our 5000-day day with Palle. Quite amazing number. A reason to open a bottle of bubbling?

PPO will be having its 100th anniversary in February. Lot’s of friends are coming in from far away to join in the celebrations.

I’ll go and visit Paula in Munich in early March. Hopefully there will be real winter or spring. Daffodils are coming up now in mid January and last year they had huge snow coming in early march. So you never know.

In March it is time to have Wiltsu’s 3rd b-day party (for adults). Traditionally it has been a nice event with games and food. The B-day girl has previously been allowed to eat as much goodies as she wishes. I wonder how it will be in this year’s party.

In April we are going to visit Sicily with Palle. We are to have a lunch in Rome on a Good Friday and then enjoy family Easter in Palermo’s surroundings visiting Claudia and Ciro. Ciro told me today that he has reserved us a 12 kg lamb for the Argentinean style roast. One kilo per person!

As May turns in it is time to get the Mökki going. Let’s hope I’ll be in good shape to take care of the garden this year, as it has been pretty much neglected past two. Luckily it was so dry last summer that the weeds did not take the reins. In May it is a time for a new Nouro as well. Not in this family.


I’ll be enjoying real summer vacation this year so three to four weeks I’ll have off. And then it will be the time for the annual garden party at Palle’s b-day.

Today we were discussing that it will be the time to visit Tiitta, Pekka and Toivo in Hanoi at fall. So two weeks are needed for that in Oct-Nov.


Most likely there will be X-mas glögg to be served the 16th Dec at 2 to 6 PM.

So not that much new. Party party party. And my Italian course in spring.

Maybe I should come by some goals. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is to get lots of warm hugs from Palle and Tiikeri. I’m not so demanding.