PPO, Pohjois-Pohjalainen Osakunta will have its 100th anniversary on the 5th February. Whole year will be filled with celebrations and especially in the next two weeks many things are going to happen.

We were with my mom to the opening of an
exhibition last Tuesday. They have done excellent job telling the story of generations after generations of young graduates from the northern Finland arriving into Helsinki. No picture of me ;( but my student hat should be there soon (=as soon I remember where it is misplaced after last 1st of May). So if you walk by the Jugend-sali one of these days, feel free to step in. It is worth of it.

The main event will be the evening ball on Saturday the 10th.

Phones are ringing and skype lines are hot as the discussions are going on who is going to make/buy/ fix what, and in which colour etc. Two of my friends had new dresses made in Vietnam. Some people are rumoured that they have bought new evening dress-matching eyeglasses. So the economies are getting their share of it.

More than three weeks ago I tried on my evening dresses. It happened after I had been to the shop looking for a grade new dress and deciding NOT to spend 800 euros for it. Luckily my mom, the super woman, was in town and made me to look to the last corners of a deep garderope. I was finding bits and pieces one by one, creating a party look to die for. (Or choke on it, because of the shame of it.)

We ended up with a combination of old and older and some parts really old (the hand bag). Few kilos should disappear before the big day and I'm succeeding on it. Seems to me that I'll be able to enjoy the evening's four course dinner with some oxygen on the side. Saldo is now -3,0 kg in three weeks so the last -1,0 should be manageable in the oncoming two weeks. This drug is called positive thinking. So it is working or maybe it is matter of
placebo effects. Who knows?

Anyhow the pieces of the attire are gathering one by one to the sofa. Medals, gloves, secret signs... I've never been this early but similarly as I visit friends, their dresses are hanging out and we get into lively discussions about jewelery and accessories as well as hairdos.