New ambitious restaurants are opening in town.

I have a long list of telephone numbers stored in my phone where I can choose from when a sudden urge to eat good hits. But it really does not work like that. These days you make a reservation a week before. They time the arrivals so there should not be much of a wait to get your food served in leisury pace.

Last night at Ateljé Finne the wait between the starter and main coursewas quite long, but the food was so top-notch, so I will not complain. The service was not somehow in the same level with the food, but I would not really complain either. The best service so far in Helsinki, has been in Restaurant Postres, but as I looked the pictures, my favourite familiar face of waitress was missing.

Yesterday we ate at the main dining hall and the acustics was quite horrible. I wonder if it would be better at downstairs. For a bigger party than four I would suggest that.

Saw the owner Antto and told my thanks as well as complimented him on the praising words of Anna Paljakka in last weekend's NYT. She wrote "Harvinaista herkkua", exceptional delicacy. I sure do agree.

Ravintolahirmut had been there before us and taken pictures of the same choises as  I did, so you'll get to see what I ate:

Marinated perch and bread
Ahventartar ja saaristolaisleipää

Pork belly roll, vegetables
Porsaankylkirulla, kasviksia

Liquorice creme brulé

All this together 35€, Not bad, not indeed.
Wine was expencive. But I go back!