We have been w/o car past eight days. Our unreliable Bjönkkabil (C5) had this time problem w/ carburettor (kaasutin). So what's different? How do we manage?

We do OK. Not great, but OK. No empy bottles or tincans have found they way to recycling this week. We even managed to carry home too bags of stuff from möksä in a public bus! That is a crowning achievement.

To see the real life at the railway station 1AM on Saturday night was an experience one can hapily to do w/o. The train (six minutes of it, from Pasila to Helsinki) to begin with. Two swedish speaking "pissis" were sitting beside us and to keep a staight face was an accomplisment. But the mess and the people hanging out around the station. Ugh.

I was thinking how different the city looks these days. Much more like the cities abroad. Live and action. And the reason is…. ta da da daa… smoking. Smoking being forbidden in bars and restaurants for the past four months, has changed the look of streets. One a clock Saturday night and the town is filled with people. Peculiar rope constuctions everywhere to keep smokers in order. But to see this… we would not see or experience things like this from the car.

But no, we did not get to go to a Saturday brunch. It was easier to take a quick nap and sleep for three hours. The idea of finding out which bus to take and where to get off  was too much when I was totally exhausted. Ended up doing nothing the whole day.

Today we were supposed to go to Möksä to take more of the stuff to town. If might get below zero in the coming weeks and I really hope to avoid cleaning up after the busting soda bottles. Ended up organizing the bedroom. Tons of books form the windowsill, under the bed and nightstand. Magazines. Eardrops. Dust. Crosswordpuzzles.

So there is life w/o car. But I´m not so sure it is made for us. Come home Bjönkkabil!