Things happen. Like you assume that you'll cook crayfish on Thursday and then you get a call that here are the crayfishes waiting in the Iittala Shell. Hmm. Wrong day. No dill. no nothing. Only a horrible mess in kitchen..
After couple of hours
Crayfish, over 300 of them. Some of them in this box.

Rinsend and counted, waiting for their turn.

Water w/ caraway (?) and beautiful crayfishes coming up.

Here the lovely creatures are taking a cooling bath.


It is always the same. We disagree strongly about the amount of salt.
This year Palle took the turn to cook them. And to measure salt. I was at the cooling department. Heikki was an exellent all around boy. Counted 15+15+10. Many times.

One of the worst moments in my life happened couple of years ago, as I had cooked the crayfishes for the crayfish party for my relatives. And I had forgotten the salt in one batch. OOOOO. I was horrified. Those were served in the other end of the table and they were too f***ing polite to mention it to me. But somehow they had some leftover crayfish (ha ha, I wonder why) and I took one. When I realised what had happened I was so devastated and insulted by the fact that they had been behaving as nothing was wrong. I felt sooo bad, sooo bad. I went to my Tiger and to sleep. It still hurts just to think about it.

It is so that when I make and serve food to my friends, I take the result quite easy even if it not the "napakymppi" bull's eye. I know what I'm doing and I'm able to serve 80 to 100 people quite painlessly. But when someone pays to me to do it, it has to be in the totally different level. There is no room for the mistakes. Even to recommend a restaurant, I really want to understand what they are looking for before I can recommend something.