More than two weeks I did not pay any attention to work related thoughts. I do not even know if I had any of them. But I was happy to return to work.

My colleagues are fabulous. It is quite heterogeneous group, but right now I'm the only woman among them as Kirsti is in sick leave. They had missed my jumping train of thought and women's logic. It was easy to interpret it from their comments and the direct words as well. Hmm, I forgot to ask our slogan "Is this irony or sarcasm? No, I took their comments w/ face value.

Now the second day is ahead. Still looking forward to go to work BUT my ear and throat are complaining. I put a garlic clove to my ear. Old trick. It helps. At least mentally.

So it is time to go to work. Six weeks until next vacation.

Lisäys parin päivän päästä. Ei se ollukkaan niin ihanaa. Sairastuin flunssaan ja oon nyt maannu kaks päivää sängyn pohjalla kuumeen kourissa. Ei valkosipulitkaan oo auttanu.