It is Sunday night and I'm still alive!
Still alive? So wild partytime? Or eyes red from tears flowing constantly?
Nope, a weekend in good company, lots of sleep and hugs from Tiikeri.
But as Palle is away I've taken the opportunuty to do things we do not do as a couple- like visiting IKEA. I've been there already twice :D  Their HotDogs are the best. I love the mustard. And lingonberry saft.

Saturday was a day well spent in a good company. After being in Hydrobic w/ Soikkellsson we enjoyed the day on the fabulous couch (Kirsi copied me and bought exately the same sofa as we have, becase it is so great) sitting side by side, SURFING w/ two PCs! We learned a lot and became masters on finding/choosing places to stay on our upcoming Milano-Venezia-Verona trip in February.
The most horrible/hilarious moment was in the evening as I was at the toilet and noticed something moving at the floor. Kirsi came too rescue me- it was an escaped grassgopper- food of the gerbil running wild.

Sunday started nicely as we went w/ Paula (from Mûnchen, visiting) to rescue the last wine bottles from mökki. This fall was no exception- not all of the winter duties were attended properly. So there were more than 10 bottles of wine to haul home. But before hitting home it was time to do Sunday lunch in Seppo's place. We gathered around the table and slided one by one to the couches or to the floor. This is my all time favorite way to enjoy Sundays. Good company, good food and no need to do anything. Tiitta and Pekka from Hanoi joined us via Skype. Jaan Kross's  funeral w/ Eesti Üliõpilaste Selts was watched as well. So it was an international afternoon slecially as Wilhelmina sang in English, Swedish and babyspråk.

Next weekend I'll continue w/ international theme as we sail over to Estonia's side to Arne Masiks exhibition's opening w/ mom.

PS. Got a message from Palle in BKK: 30 degrees, jet lag and new haircut. Rice and chicken three times a day.