Went shopping after work. I needed a backpack as the old one is not feeling so great. And saw nice shoes in an ad. And... hidden needs as well.

Got again exellent service in Partioaitta. This time by an old "customer" from student housing. She found me an ideal backpack to haul my computer around.
ImgWriter.asp?BildTyp=IMG&ID=41&BildStrlIt's like this but black and it has a soft case for the laptop. Exellent.

But as I got so great service, I continued to enjoy the rare moment. Found a fleece. Not a what ever fleece but THE one. Right colour (red), right size (big but tight) and right price (whom am I telling lies to?).
ImgWriter.asp?BildTyp=PRDM&ID=3099&BildSBut I did not stop then. They have promiced +15 next weekend in Venice (wow) . Still I'm sceptical about my ears. But assume that my winter beret would be too much. If not for me at, least for the teenagers.So I bought a Buff. I seem to be bluffing myself. But I wore it allready.
2848225A.jpg I've been to Italy twice. First time my fleece was stolen as I forgot it into train for three minutes. It was not there when I went to get it.  Second time the whole bag was stolen from my feet as we drove through Catania. Tsädäm. No wallet, no passport, no driving lisence, no guide books, bye bye makeup, scraf, two visa cards, italian sim card etc. Did I learn something? It was too much work.
This time I'll wear not only my bra (exellent place to hide cash, creditcards ...) but a Skin Moneybelt Int. as well.

The last thing I got as an extra. Ticket To The Moon- key ring back. Nice and pink!

Needless to say I was exteramly happy shopper even after having to parted with good amount of money. I feel that I have two fabulus thing w/o having to compromise at all, and one horrible moneybelt that I'll most likely need, one almost ok colour buff and a keyring bag.

Q:What can a women want more?
A: Her husband and FOOD.

Colorado in Forum was overbooked (all you can eat fajitas for 12€) and we continued to Kamppi. Kamppi's Colorado's kitchen was closed. Ugh.
We continued to bus terminal. I had heard all these things about Don Corleone. Well, I was sceptical and I didn't want to eat Italian food as I'm going there in two days. But...
In we went. One table was free. We got it, bread and menues. And then we waited to be waited.
Finally I got to order, in Italian. Antipasto rustico,
  • 11,80 €
  • Antipasto Rustico (VL)
    Paahdettuja ja marinoituja kasviksia, leikkeleitä ja juustoa.
    Cold cuts, cheese, roasted and marinated vegetables.
shrimp soup
  • 7,80 €
  • Zuppa di Mazzarese (L)
    Katkarapukeittoa, tomaattia, chiliä, basilikaa, valkosipulia ja mozzarellalla kuorruttettua leipää.
    Shrimp soup with tomato, chili, basil, garlic and mozzarella gratinated bread.
for me and salsiccia
  • 13,80 €
  • Salsiccia alla Dario (L/G)
    Laavakivigrillissä pariloitua aitoa italialaista tuoremakkaraa.
    Fresh Italian sausage grilled on a lava stone.
for Palle. And a big glass of re wine for me.
Antipasto rustico arrived. Two kinds of salami, parma ham, grilled vegetables- zuccini, arichokes, tomatoes, onion, four kind of cheeses. I was happy! It was a lot in a Finnish perspective. A minor plate in Italy. I got two breads w/ pesto (home made) and mozzarella to go w/ my exellent soup and Palle had fabulous vegetables to his sausages and potatoes.
Uuh, Aah.
Food was really great an Italian. And the paying was the most Italian part of the meal. All this w/ two nr 1 beers was 44€ together. I paid w/ my lunch coupons and Palle payed the rest. There seemed to be the whole staff of the restaurant trying to get something out of Palle's plastic. One chef went to buy cicarettes in between, most likely w/ Palles card as it took so long time to run it trough the register. Maybe he should check the state of his account ;)
So we were happy w/ food. The service was not the best, but at least they gave us a table. Not everyone has been as lucky.