It is my B-day. I'm lying at bed, surfing and enjoying the morning. (Palle at the fleamarket. Got a gardening book from 1918 w/ fabulous tiger card as a gift) I've been busy this morning- gave a gift to myself- Beginners riding course for seniors in July-Aug. Something I've been wanting to do for couple of years but not succeeded to sign up before. Scary. The horses can be so big.
Why to go?
-I've wanted to for a long time
-I have a riding hardhat (from the fleamarket!)
-I need to have other things than only work to think about.
- I want to learn to ride that much that I wish to gain some knowledge how to survive. If I'm travelling somewhere where you can hire a horse to ride on the beach D060807202808.JPGor even better in the mushroomforest (or if I ever get to go to Ulan Bator) 050816_TRAVEL_MONGOLIA_hmed.hmedium.jpg

Why to not to go?
-horses are big
-horses are scary
-every evening at 7PM- that is is my grillparty time
-have to take shower every day
-can not travel anywhere at that point (3 weeks)
-costs money
-Tuomarinkylän kartano is not the most easiest place to get to as I assume optimisticly that Palle will have the car filled w/ fleamarket stuff)