2008 seems to be the year of weddings. Four weddings coming up. Of course two at the same date, but that how it usually goes.
All these weddings require travelling. I love it when our friends give us a good reason to be on the move.
To the first one, we have to travel one day earlier back from Italy. OK, we leave two days earlier then ;).
2nd and 3rd weddings are at the same day. Luckily less than 40 kilometers in between. Two "absolutely wanna attend" weddings. I think we'll come up w/ a good plan (as good as it can be). Pre drinks in the one and then jump in the car to do some travelling in order to attend the other one. Hen nights and bachelors partys coming up!
The fourth wedding is in Bavaria and is the real travel thing. So Octoberfest in München, wedding near the Chiemsee, friends in Palermo and visiting Berlin on the way back home. 2½ weeks in October. Looking forward to it.
I hope we can skip the funeral part of the Hugh Grant packet. (Four Weddings and A Funeral).

As we were in Tallin to a birthday party, a friend was talking about getting married. Voluntarily! (I usually always ask him about the matter and he had this fabulous way of getting back to us- asking how are the renovations of the flat coming along). w/ or w/o invitations coming along, a good sign for 2009. Might have something to do w/ his long time girlfrind being in a another country for a year w/ limited  visiting opportunities. Makes man to realize the facts of life.