I'm really fortunate girl.

I've a lovely husband, my dear Palle. One of these days it's 13 years from our first real date in restaurant Kappeli.

My mom and dad are the greatest, living on this day and enjoying it. I see my mom maybe once a month, as she comes to a meeting here in Helsinki region. With my dad we call about food and food. For example, when you are in a forest and you find a mushroom you are not really sure of, you call to my dad.

Here is a picture of a valevahvero. We found those as we were mushroom picking last Sunday.                 hygrophoropsis_aurantiaca_r046_n26.jpg

I'm happy they were not the only ones we found. ;)

We live in the internet time. Even though there were no mentioning about finding suppilovahvero in the Marttojen Sieninurkka we still went to the forest. Brave we were.
Wiltsu, 2 ½ years old was with us.  Unfortunately we did not have the camera w/ us as the whole trip was the best kind of example of sunday floating (doing things w/o so much of a destination, going to the fleamarket, going to Hekas and then to the forest, only the fleamarket was planned).
The main purpose was to hang out with friends on Sunday.
One could go mushroompicking with a date, but what if the date would be a jerk? You can not just disappear and leave him there to find his way back to town on his own. (This train of though has no stops on my plattform, it's more a thing for my single friends w/o names to be mentioned)

To eat sandwiches you have packed with you when you go for a mushroom hunting, is always the highpoint on a trip. (We ate those on the wayto the forest as we were so hungry)


We enjoyed the smells of the nature and Wiltsu's enthusiasm to eat blueberries. And she walked. I would have complained and would have wanted to go home, but when a 2 ½ yeat old one keeps going up and down the tufts, so 36 year old one citygirl have to follow.

Maybe you have noticed one thing, there is little relevance on the title of the blog and the imput on this blog. My coworkers have decided that I have a AC/DC or some other alfabetic problem, as I keep changing the topic in the middle of a sentence.

Another thing they have noticed, that many times the topic is Seppo, my mister of honour. I'm happy, they are listening!

But one can tell many stories about a friend if your friend happens to be a top one semen seller who travels around the world to tell about Orkko and his lovely kids.
Here you can see Orkko.

We have seen Orkko live with Palle. An experience. You shoud be envious. Orkko was an ANIMAL.