In six weeks we are going to be in Sicily for almost ten days :) YEAH! I'm looking forward to it.
Bought a Italian phrasebook and can say now "Posso stare da te?" = can I stay at your place, in Italian.

We got our first postive answer to such a question yesterday!img_l_716411.jpg
This picture (and his age, 37) made me want to contact him and ask if his couch would be available for us for a night.

So V. Puma invited us to stay in his small house for a night. His anwer motivates my Italian studies even more. I wonder if this in a picture of his house?

It is in his "homepage". I do not care if he would live in a local "Vallila", the possibility to meet local people is so great. He lives in Modica, an Unesco Heritage town, south-east from Ragusa.
So many things to see in that area...

I've been surfing about Sicily in the past months. Here you see some inspiring photos:

Patio beside a house in a nature. A dream come true.
Specially if you imagine that you'll have a bit of barbacue.

What do you say about picture like this? Quite amazing to my eyes. I have no clue where it is. Most likely in some place in Sicily.

One thing what I'm quite worried about is the huge amount of things to see in Sicily. Ruins after ruins. And some of them so well preserved. So much. How to decide where to go? One possibility is do it the Nouro style: Almost drive by, do a small stop but not even bothering to get out from the car and declare: been there, seen that. Ok, ok, maybe one should call it bit more Tylle-style then .

This place looks guite nice. At least from the far. The only thing what I'm worried abot that there is no restaurant on sight.

And palms


img_l_140687.jpgI do not like sweets that much, but I think I'll try one of these...

And Etna has to be seen: