... addicted to computer.

At work I do 80% of the stuff w/ computer. Then I come home (sending sms or talking on the phone). At home the sofa is calling me. Beside the sofa my computer sends these suggestive hidden messages: "open me". Suddenly I notice that it is past midnight. And what have I done? Answered some mails, played endless games of solitarte, tod my husband "joo joo" as he is complaining about me not participating in cleaning, found funny things in the facebook, looked hotels / B&Bs in Venice that do not ask you to be moderate with the noice level. etc. etc. Then I have hard time falling asleep as my brain is filled with all these bits.

So I try to take a break from the machine. That's why I post this message BEFORE I leave to work. Only real things like cheking the recepie are allowed in the evenings. I've been on this diet for a day. Want to hear how it worked? I took nice and long nap on the sofa under a food magazine. Had no hard time at all to fall asleep as I tranfered to bed. IT WORKS!!!!

Hmm, I'm pretty bad about keeping my diets. I wonder how is it going to be this time.