Travelling alone has it's sides:


+ you get to eat exactly there where you wish or where you end up when your  power runs out

- nobody will look after your stuff when you go to the toilet

- nobody to cuddle up or sit close by in the cafes (extremely strong feeling as you see these students having good time, Gee, I'm old)

+ you wake up when you wake up, no need to wait the other one to see the light of the day

+ you may listen to Dingo's Autiotalo in a Ülikooli kohvik w/o any stupid comments. (This really is 2006 I'm writing this stuff)

- you have nobody to share the interesting view in a small alley

-people around you might think you are out of your mind as you talk to the cat crossing the street

-you have nobody to complain if you feel bit low and you have this huge urge to complain

- nobody will eat the stupid food you did not like even you ordered it all by yourself

+ nobody will comment you how stupid things you ordered

+ when you go to manicure or hairdressers you have no need to think a "babysitting" place near by, extreamly hard in these days as Palle does not drink anymore


The internet has made changes to this travelling alone- you can talk with your friends via skype as you sit in a café in Tartu. Does not make any difference if your friends are in the building next to you or in Hanoi

 Still travelling alone has it's sides and going home will get interesting special meanings. I'll go home tomorrow!