We had a discussion about this blog with my mom. She does not want to read it as it is too diary like. "And why do you tell about your drinking?" she asked.

Why do I blog? Am I extrovert? Or exhibitionist? Do I lack the sense of limits?

Do I go beyond the bounds of good taste?

Maybe I'm omahyväinen as I think that someone would like to read my blog.

1 omahyväinen a 1 virtuousa halv 2 complacent, conceited, self-conceited, self-important, self-contented, self-righteous, smug, big-headed, full of oneself 3 holier-than-thou, self-congratulatory, toffee-nosed (br), self-opinionated, vainglorious

2 omahyväinen above oneself

omahyväinen ihminen big head

In many sense it is a question of communicating with me. As I write I think about things. It makes me feel good about some things.

Blogging is a way to kill time. I'm against TV. It is so passivating. I prefer reading. Or writing to my blog. There is a limit how much one can play solitaire.

Sometimes I have this urge to write. For example last Friday we had these two Santa Claus visiting us. To talk to them made me feel so good.

One of them had been driving around visiting 17 families at X-mas Eve. He really made me believe to the wonder of Santa. He sure had a sense of feeling in that business. To talk to the kids about their hobbies after studying the crib sheet while driving to the next place and make a courtesy call from Santa couple days before X-mas to a retarded girl. To get to hear all this was something so special. He did the SC business with a big hart.

This is not the most communicative way to live. You readers, if there are any of you, are so bad about leaving comments to the comment field. But I know that my friend Tiitta reads this in Hanoi. Mari reads this as she is sitting in a boring hotel room in Phnom Pen. My mom reads this without wanting to read it in Oulu. That is how the blog works.

It was year of 2000 when we got the summer home. I bought this pretty book to white things to. It was amazing how constricting I took my lack of grammar then. I felt that I could not write a diary even as it was meant to my eyes only. That is another hindrance I have overcome the past years. And big thanks to the blog.