And not a minute too early. I'm totally out of it.  Poured a Gin Lemon Bitter to myself and painted my toe nails. Now I can not move so I have good time to blog a bit!

I went to work at 7 AM to get out from there. I threw all the balls to the air today.  After 11 days I'll go to see how many of them have hit the target, roof, or have bounced back to my desk.

I started my vacation by talking work, work, work. It was really educational to hang around Soikkeli this afternoon. Wetalked work, tried to take a kid to a train and learned that it is useful to read the ticket and timetables beforehand. And it is no worth to panic if you miss the train. There is room in the next train. (Ok, maybe not as it is Ash Thursday and everybody else was going to the countrysude as well.)  At least there is room in the first class. And you can pick up the ticket at R-kioski. Clever.

As you wait time to fly by you can talk about colour shades of orange, if our couches are gray or brown (we both have the same couch) and work.

Now gotta go and pack. We have confirmed our flights to Rome and table is reserved at 1 PM at

4 Vicolo Rossini
Tel: 39 06 687 3434
Good centro storico trattorias are hard to find, and Gino's is no exception: It's tucked away in a tiny cul-de-sac just around the corner from the Camera dei Deputati, the lower house of the Italian parliament. It pays to book, as the place tends to fill up with homesick deputati who come for the next best thing to mamma's cooking. The day's specials are chalked up at the entrance to this rustic time capsule; they generally include Roman classics like tonnarelli cacio e pepe (pasta with crumbled sheep's cheese and plenty of black pepper) and seppie e piselli (cuttlefish stewed with peas). The wine is onesto, as they say around these parts: gratifyingly low in price.
Closed Sundays.

I almost made a reservation in italian ;)