It is raining.Or should I correct, pouring.

I love the stereo effect what we have in this flat when you have the windows open both to the Kalevankatu and to the inner yard at the same time. I would love to be at Möksä right now, eventhough you would be moving the pots and pans from one place to another to catch the H2O dropping through the roof ;)
But the sound effects are more real there. Water hitting the roof, tumbling down the drainpipes. I wonder if any of the seedlings that I have planted recently are still alive tomorrow as I'll go and get my phone from Möksä. Sure do hope that I left the phone  inside the Möksä and not at the garden table.

This is marvellous page if you wish to see where do the local downpours hit in Helsinki area.
And if there is lightning going on in the area, here you are able to see that.