...has been quite lame in the past weeks.
I do sit by the computer pretty much the whole day at work and in the weeks I've been forced to leave the machine at work so I could sleep.
True, I've been surfing a lot hera at home, but the addictive problem has been the solitare. you know, the card game. Again I notice that I'm feeling better as I'm able to concentrate to the more advanced game, but to play the game in bed as Palle is sleeping beside is STUPID. And one more game. and one to go. Ha ha.
So I've solved this problem by leasvig the whole rakkine at work.

But not every night. This weekend I've slept and surfed prettu much equal amount of hours. Studying Italian from my endless books has been the third thing what I've done. I find it irritating that I have so hard time to find restaurant web-pages. I love seeing the interiors, menues and pictures about the food. But as I google I always end up in some catalocue where they just menition the addresses. I want the closest to real as long as I have to wait six more weeks to be in Sicily.

Ciro has been really patient answering to my questions about Sicily. V. Puma had called Ciro and talked about us visiting him, so the South- East part of the island seems pretty well covered in that sense.  Thanks in advance V.P.! We'll have great time together.

In the past 4(?) years we have had mostly unbeliveable  and great  experiences w/ Hospitality Club and CouchSurfing. The two not so great times could have been avoided if I would have belived in my instincts about the profiles. So now I have looked carefully to whom I've sended a message asking to be hosted. To get to meet local people is susch a rewarding thing. To stay in a hotel surrounded w/ american tourists is not my dream come true.

I'm getting there with the car rental as well. I being me, have been looking carefully to details and special features about renting a car in Italy. Palle is going to get his drivers licence and he'll be the chafför. So we'll rent a car for a week. Something small that we'll be able to park in crazy Italy. No upgrade this time please. I could see us trying to turn with a huge american(mini)van in a ded-end in some old Sicilian village.

One more thing what I understod this weekend after reading some travel journals fronm Sicily- It sure is time to start eating those pillers that make me tolerate the sun a bit more. I sure am a white person.

Oh well, four days of work this week as I'm off to German adventures next weekend. We'll have another girls party with Paula. Let's hope I'm not in a similar need of rest this time.  Vicky and Andy have invited us again to their home. Last time their place in the countryside was fabulous. Now they have moved. Rarely people lower their standards when they move so we are loking forward to see it.