And the time flies when you are having fun...
So many things going on. Work to do, friends and movies to see, vacations coming up, parties to attend. Not that I'm complaining.

Last weekend we attended PPO's 101st anniversary. It was fun to be among friends and party at 5th floor. It reminded me how great location we had at 4th floor before we were forced to move to the 3rd. But the best thing was to get ready. Anja and Pirjo came to us to change and we helped each other as we drank champange. I would love to do it againg next year. Girly dress upp.

After three days at work we are heading South w/ Kirsi and her daughters Pinja (15) and Linnea (12). Milano, Venice and Verona have lot to look forward to. And hear.

But before that it is time to enjoy a weekend. Visiting friends today. Tomorrow out and shopping w/ Tauno and sushi-party w/ Kirsi and her daughters Pinja (15) and Linnea (12). Sunday we are going to the woods w/ Mari, Wiltsu, Seppo and Heka. Our aim is to sit by the campfire and make pancakes. Looking forward to it.