It has been raining the whole day.
Still I took a walk on the wild side w/ Seppo this evening. We were to meet at Hämeentie. 800px-H%C3%A4meentie_Helsinki.JPEG
But I ended up in Kurvi 1264641.jpg334px-Kurvi.JPEGbefore calling to Seppo to wonder where he was.  We had walked past each other.
He was already at Hakaniementorihakaniemen_tori.jpg. Time to turn around.

We met finally at Haapaniemen kenttä tannerin-portti-40.gif
Then we continued thrugh Karhupuisto karhupuisto.jpg behind the Kallio library kallion_kirjasto.jpg
Ended up walkin down  Kaarlenkatu where a new italian restaurant papa carlo and this haven of expensive kitchen junk 1076152665097.jpeg before we crossed over the  Hesari (hard to fid pic). Flemari was totally opened up as they are building the new tramline 9.
Vaasankatu was as exotic as always Jirawan_Phunsap_025.jpg Today you could have chosen between Olga  facade2.jpg or Nadine by just crossing the street.
But we were happy. Not only by the fact that we did not live at that neighbourhood but also by the fact that Pelmenishop was open at Kustaankatu 7. pelmenit1.jpg We shared a pelmeni portion and drank two beers, 12 €. And are going back. Soon. Our plan is to eat through the whole menu w/ our Monday friends. Estimated money needed for the wild night out is 10€/pp.

This Pelmenit place is mentioned  in a fabulous blog about places in Helsinki.