Ravintola jonne ehdottomasti haluan

tätä tuskin löytää



3 mh  ???





Potentiaalinen asunto 490 vko tais olla sama kuin


eivät vuokraa alle vko?

aivan kaunis!!! missä makuuhuoneet?



tää se mun lemppari kahdelle 139/yö kaunis, mmutta väärällä puolella? samat sanat



Mainitaan mm shoppingsenterit



The Basilica Cistern was actually forgotten for centuries, until a scientist got interested in stories of locals who miraculously could fetch water through the floors of their houses, sometimes even catching fish.

It is a great sight, but I think it is a bit overpriced for 10 liras (the same price as Hagia Sofia, for instance!)

Still, it is an incredible place, measuring 65×143 meters with a roof supported by 336 columns. It once held over 80.000 cubic meters of water. It was also one of the locations of the classic From Russia With Love Bond-movie.


I had a small hope of continuing to the Asian side, but soon learned the bridge hasn`t taken pedestrians since the seventies. Still, the walk was worth it. Ortaköy has beautiful small restaurants, and I had a really nice lunch. On my way back, I walked through the bazaar district in Sultanahmet, and it really seems endless……