After riding seven times with the two biggest (and most talented in the cheating department) horses in the stables, Urjala and Polar, I finally got a rocket under my bum. I had noticed Simply Red earlier for two reasons – the name is the same than my old time favorite band and it was trotting when I had hard time getting my horse to move. Me being me I asked the teacher if I could get it some day. I was quite sorry for that yesterday. He really did move. Fast. Big step. Looooong step. And me being in the air wondering which way I'm going.

When you trot you count one-two-one-two-one-two. Not me. ONE-two-three-ONE-two-three. One is up, two is down and the third is for the bounce. Me w/ my bust. YEAH. Really nice. It made me realize that I must do something wrong and it helped to find (again) some new muscles. It sure made the difference for the comfort.