It was not so sunny and warm, but I survived.
This is me in the garden enjoying the summer. Notice the new chair and crocs.


One of the highlights of the summer for many people is when their go and visit their parents. My Parents came to town and my friends got to enjoy their cooking as well. (My dad is grilling and mom is behind me, the last person to the left)

"Tylle välittää" has been my slogan for many years.
välittää v arbitrate, mediate
välittää v (toimittaa, hankkia) 1 provide 2 supply (supply [sb with sth]) Verisuonet välittävät happea aivoihin Blood vessels supply oxygen to the brainv 3 arrange
välittää v (olla puolestapuhujana) 1 act as intercessor 2 intercede Hän puhui puolestani pääministerille He interceded with the Prime Minister on my behalf, Hän puhui usein puolestasi She often interceded for youv 3 (piitata) give (gave, given), mind En välitä pätkääkään! I don't give a damn!v 4 (sovitella) act as a mediatorv 5 (toimia välikätenä) act as intermediary v 6 communicate (communicate to sb), convey 7 pass välittää tietoja jollekulle pass information to sb 8 pass on, transmit (transmit sth to sb), relay välittää tietoja jollekulle pass on information to sb, Hän välitti yleisölle rakkauden viestin He transmitted his message of love to the audience, Hän välitti minulle heidän viestinsä She relayed a message from them to me
välittää v (pitää jstk) care (care for), like Tiedän, että hän välittää minusta I know he cares for me
välittää v (tuntea huolta) 1 bother 2 care Hän ei välitä terveydestään He doesn't care about his health 3 mind
välittää v 1 take into consideration (took, taken) ■ v 2 concern oneself (concern with sth) Nuoret eivät juuri välitä politiikasta Young people don't concern themselves much with politicsv 3 (kiinnittää huomiota) pay attention to (paid, paid) ■ v 4 take care of (took, taken)

The best "välitys" this year was a dogsitter Seppo for my aunt's Hanski. I think both seem quite happy w/ the week.


The power of "Vierastyövoima" has been quite magnicificant this year. Look at the root these ladies pulled up from my garden. No need to say that was not the only thing that disappeared from the ground. Our neighbours asked if the ladies could stay for a bit longer...


Kirsi did visit more often. She is one of those action babes. Here you can see her washing the windows (her gift to Palle on his B-day).