My friend Mari is invited to B-day party where the theme is 80's.
How was it then?
I have immediately some pictures of my classmates in my mind. White lips, big bangs, sour mouth.
As I googled a bit about life in the 80's and Bogart Co. and their Princess video was mentioned. Oh those clothes!
And the following comments tell it all:
whats up with the leatherbelt on top of jogging suit? nahkavyö jumppapuvun päällä?
Köyhän miehen Wham! Somebody wrote: "This was, at that time, the most expensive music video ever made in Finland. The making of this video cost 1500 marks (about 250 euros). " Immediately I counted thet the right amount should be about 430 €.
Eli lepakkopaita, salihousut, hikipanta, iso tukka, tunkkanen meikki, hapsu/ kultalame huivi. Ja se vyö!