Hi everybody and have a great year 2008!

It sure has started with action here as I've already worked too much and Palle has started his packing for his 3½ weeks adventure through tropical forests in Thailand. Those two things might be related= I'm so envious that it is better to work than show the green face at home.

Chistmas was here. Or at least in Oulu. Food and family. We stayed olny 3 nights but that is enough to makes your own bed feel like a heaven. Had curious eating pattern though. 24th the first course buffe and the 25th the main course w/ ham and laatikot. I can recommend that. You hit the ham w/ enthusiasm not usually seen at the x-mas table after you have stuffed yourself w/ whitefish roe, gravad lax, herring, sill, pate, roasted lamb, smoked reindeer, kylkirulla, rosolli...
I'm big fan of cooked ham but the one we were served in Oulu was fabulous. It was baked in the oven with some weird recipie. And we ate. And enjoyed.

The new year's eve we spent in Kirkkonummi. Cat's fart was really popular blasts (?) showing modest glitter before a bang.  Lots of laugh and the cling of champange bottle were heard as well.

No new years resolutions were made but I concidered to promise myself that I would be using IE at work as the firefox does not seeem to work in TE surroundinsgs that well. I remembered this thought today as all my colleagues could open the new (interesting) news.
More about work. I told my new boss that I have not dropped the mittens but chewed holes in them do all the worry and concern would drain through. It's not healthy to worry about things you can not change. So I try to leave those fears away and concentrate to things where I can make the difference. Like my former boss´s farewellparty

So all the best to all of you. It will be interesting to see how my new year continues, it is 14½ years ago since I've been "alone" for such a long period of time. Maybe I'll manage. Tallinn and Arne- here I come (w/ mom in a tow, WILD)