Went to see exellent museum exihibition today. We had PPO senior's meeting in Vantaa city museum and after it we had guided tour. When is it last time you have been to a museum? Those have became much more interesting in past years. They have really developed their ways to engineer the exhibitions.

The name of the exhibition is Sateenkaari-Suomi, Rainbow-Finland, and it tells about the history of sexual minorities in Finland. You have to hurry if you wish to go there, as it will close in the end of this month.

I learned something new there. I've never heard before the term GBLT; gay, bi, lesbian, transsexual. HLBT in finnish. I'm sure if you would read the book, you would learn much more.

I'm looking forward for the next museum visit. I'm a bit upset about my shiftlessness as I never got that much done that I would have visited the Rikospaikka- Helsinki exhibition. That as well sounded really interesting. But hey, did I ever go there? Nope.