...and I have all the summerpictures waiting for the posting. Evenings have been good w/o the computer and at work the days are filled w/ work (weird?). Two more weeks of too much to do and then it hopefully will slow down before our vacation.

Palle's party was nice. The weather was strange- no raidrops that evening. We had over 70 guests visiting, but somehow it felt quite empty as the regulars like Seppo, Mari, Heikki, Anja and Inkku were missing. Those friends are the ones who take the space of 20 people w/ continious stories and laughs to be heard. But we had good time withe the other guests.

Food was quite meaningless, somehow the chicken was like sawdust. Lucky for our guests, Tapsa had been fishing in Teno and donated two huge salmons that were great bonuses fot the eaters.

We had new kitchen personell this year- Linnea and Oona were so effective together w/ Kirsi and the pullopoika Riitta.