I’ve been having some problems with my computer. It collapsed again in X-mas Eve and made me miserable. Then Palle was my hero and did some magical wonders w/ it but it did not last that long.  That was extremely depressing as the father x-mas brought us a camera for skype-video connections. The only thing you were able to do with the machine was to play cards. Oh boy, lots of cards were played during the X-mas days.

We were back at work for three days and the most important thing was that I got my HP fixed. Our IT-guru defragmented it. It feels so good to be connected again. Today’s technology makes you dependent, totally hooked on to things that short time ago did not even existence. Scary.

The powers inside me

The two powers are fighting inside me. The power of laziness with sleeping, reading and just being and the power of happening. For a short period of time the later power showed its force this afternoon.

Inkku came to visit and to make him happy there has to be a project ongoing. This time it was to open a ventilation hole that has been walled up most likely for decades. He has opened a similar hole before so that’s no big news, but the thing that I organised the XXXking wardrobe. Took out all these dusty old clothes that have not been used some in decades and the younger ones in years. Found pairs to some lonely gloves. Now the ventilation works (why do they have all these incoming ventilation holes inside the closets? anyone?) and the closet is filled with jackets and parkas we have used the past year. A big achievement.

X-mas cards

This year has been the year of x-mas cards. We got lots and lots of those. To be honest, earlier I basically hate those cards. Why, might someone ask. Because they make you feel like bad person as you did not send any cards. But I have grown up and having the X-mas-card-glögg-party helps as well.

Back to the question about the amount of cards. What does it mean when we get more cards than previous years?

  1. Friends got kids and are sending their pictures. True

  2. We are more likeable. False or…

  3. We know more people. True

  4. We are getting older. True

  5. Our friends are getting older. True

  6. The relative income around us has soared. True

  7. X-mas cards are in fashion. I doubt it

  8.  Any ideas?

Anyhow there were two cards that I liked above all. Nr 1 was the card where Wiltsu was baking x-mas bakery and the Nr 2. was Unicef card where you got to stick stickers on. It was back to early 80’s feeling with some technical progress in the clue.