As soon as I declared that there will be less blogging to come, I found out my communicators communicating skills. I can fill you im into my recent happenings almost where ever I am.

Last night I was yearning for action so I went to sit in public hospital's emergancy room for three hours =my stomac was hurting so bad that I could not sleep. Took a walk to Maria's Suris in my hand bag. No taxis available as there were 38 000+ people out in the city celebrating Finland's football victory in an amazing warm night. No problem, it hurt much less to walk than try to lie down.

Gave my name in reception and sat down to wait. Was a bit suspicious in the beginnig after having heard/red stories about the place. I waited three hours and had great opportunity to observe surroundings and invent stories about the people around me.

You could not help it but you heard bits and pieces as they were minding their business. Small old ladies w/ their big handbags. And old men. Not much to trigger your imagination. But german businessman w/ a cut on his head and a bigger one in his nose waiting for his turn w/pal beside. It seemed that night had been pretty good before the fall down. Or the lady from Jakomäki whose tactics to scrounge money for taxi was handled so well by the personell.

Night was beautiful and you were able to hear the concert as the birds started to sing in the Hietalahti cemetary as the sun rose. The personell were really up to date hip w/ their colorful crocos. I was admiring them as they took care of the patiens coming in one after one. Quite handsome ambulancemen popping in w/ new loads every now and then. All the doctors smeed to be young girls. Made me think about Maaria and Kri(s)se doing their practices in Helsinki's emergancy rooms in the 90's. I was quite happy to go home after the pains had disappeared to the waitingroom. Did not want to go in and be treated by doctor who had been up and working the past 23 hours.

What did I learn- it is better to get sick during the day and go to works health station ;) And how small the Helsinki is as this was the place to handle emergancies.