Some people might have seen some funny writing in this blog on Saturday morning. I should write to the blog administrators to ask them to install an Alco meter to this site. In order to write you would have to pass a test first.

I wrote something here after 1 AM as two of my colleagues were having beer  with me in front of the fire in our place after quite a wet x-masparty. I deleted it immediately as I woke up around noon. I did not even read it. At least my mom and Seppo had noticed it. And she had made a comment. I sure do hope there have not been so many other ones actively surfing that early. At this point I'm bit curious as well. At least Seppo said that he could not figure out what I had written on it.

About the company X-mas party
There were two different departments having x-mas party at same time. And we were invited as well.  (Our company works for that company and we are located in the same premises but are not part of them) So there we were starting to have good time with J and J. As I was getting something to drink to all of us one man had joined our small table. Me being me, I continued explaining our
homely cleaning arrangements for the possible after party and kept going on about the subject for a while. And the man was still with us. At this point I thought it is polite to introduce yourself for the company round the table. I have some manners. He was older than us so he should have started (Maaria! What does it say about the subject in your Miss Manners book?) He said his name as we shook hand (I missed it in the noise), I told mine and J&J theirs. So then I asked him, if he is with this or that department. He answered, "Neither, as I work for the corporation." I kept on questioning him and then he told that he was the president of the whole company. Immediately I had this huge urge to say many stupid things.

Somehow our postures became immediately a bit more erect but by no means ramrod straight. Even I was quiet for a second or two. Then he told me: "Please continue to tell about the cleaning."  YEAH, I felt extremely bright and nimble. And continued about the cleaning. My story was faltering at best at that point.

There he ate his buffet, and ate and ate. And we discussed about many things.

I wonder if he does it every year.