Pretty lame the blogging in these days.
Another organizational change in my workteam makes life quite tiring. So much energy goes to listening and "feeling" the undercurrents of  the office. So many important things are said and  some are left  to be said later in better timing. Still we have great team of workmates there.

There are new challenges for me to come. After the bunout I've been doing easier, less demanding things. Thanks to my team for allowing to do that. I can feel and do notice the recovery.
A year ago I was soaking up the new information. Learning things w/ enthusiasm. It was fun and endless things to be done. I was given pretty free hands to improve things I felt that needed the redoing. I was quite innovative.

Now I try to not to get too involved. But my mentality is so wavy, up and down all the time. We talked a lot about that w/ Mervi S. (Life in T&P land 13.11.2006) She asked me about the pros and cons of it. Do I achive so much on my high moments that I can take to low times in the same deal. The more smooth and even life, would it give me enough kikcs? I'm  pertty impulsive and do get  inspired every now and then and admit that sometimes I get carried away. I sure do enjoy if someone else organizes good program but I do not die in boredom. I just make it happen by myself then. And activate the  people around me. And afterwords I'm tired. High and low.

I sometimes wish that I would be more boring and happy with it. I assume that life would be easier then. Now it is filled w/ challenges made up mostly by me. It works at work as well. I just can not do the basic task w/o putting some thought  into it how one could do it a bit more effectively.  I just do care too much about everything. I've been thinking a lot about the effectivity. How one should save it to the right moments where it makes sense. Kirsi Soikkeli, another great mentor of mine, really opened my mind on this matter by choosing really weird ways to drive to this shop in Vantaa.  As she said the name of the shop were we were going to and started driving to totally opposite direction, I thougth that the shop has opened a new branch. But no. As we arrived to the shop after driving quite interesting ways I asked her what made her to choose the route we used. She answered that she LIKES driving that way. A totally new concept of driving to me as we usually bicker w/ Palle about which route is the shortest or best to take at different times of day to avoid the ques and trafficlights. After that ride w/ Soikellsson I have been driving lots more the ways I like driving and trying to not to challenge Palles route choices.
So I'm learning!