Saturday night we were out to see Mamma Mia (hilarious,) w/Seppo (he definately looks like Pierce Brosnan). Said our goodbyes and I continued to ÖFN and Kupolen as Palle was there. They had their farewell party as the Nations are moving to new location. Me being me, got a beer can to my hand and immediately I had to change my status accordingly to Facebook. Jenni Hanhinen-Skog wrote there "Botta liekeissä". I sure wished it was some kind of game they were playing, but no. www.hs.fi confirmed that the story was true. Out I went and called Seppo to join me to hang around in Töölö.
It was sad. I have experienced once before the feeling when it burns in your home building and now again. Fortunately it was only one kabinet that was totally destroyend. With that two remarkable paintings.
And as the house manager said "Its good it was the second floor. Less water damage."