In correspondence of the Terminals A,AA, B/C and T5 of Fiumicino airport it is available a taxi service to Rome. The cost of the service is 40 euro, baggage included, for a maximum of four passengers, for all the destinations inside the Mura Aureliane which delimitate the central area of the city.
The cost for the service is the same also for the contrary way, from Rome to Fiumicino.

For further information contact P.I.T, the Tourist Information Point of  Rome, inside the airport, which supplies information on the service, by checking if the destination requested is the destination subject to the fix rate. For different destinations the cost will be indicated by the taximeter on each taxi, to which the baggage fee shall be added.


The last big religious date is the 6th January, Epiphany. For Romans this is the feast of the Befana, an old lady from a folkloric version of the Christmas story, who brings gifts to children and sweeps floors. You will see the Befana represented in many forms at the Christmas Market in Piazza Navona, and also during the Epiphany parade of colourful characters and floats leading up to the Vatican.


Dear Shoppers,
be ready, winter sales will begin in Rome starting from January the 5th.
Don’t miss to find your bargain in medieval and cobblestoned Roman streets!!! The “Made in Italy” is waiting for you!!!

rome-winter-sales.jpgCount down for traditional winter sales in Rome! Tomorrow the most awaited event of the year will start! Hundreds of eager shoppers will line up and “box”outside the stores in the hope of finding the ultimate bargain.

Hundreds the place to go! All the big-name fashion designers can be found in the Quadrilatero, close to Spanish Steps in Via Condotti, Via Frattina and Via del Babuino. If you prefer equally elegant shops, on a smaller scale, head for Via del Governo Vecchio and surroundings amongst the most fashionable shopping streets in Rome.

Many stores will start the day with queues of bargain hunters.
Over the public holiday weekend (January Sunday the 6th will be indeed the day of the Befana or Epiphany in Italy) when the Romans are usually out of town, many clients in the more expensive areas will be bargaining hunters from Russia, Japan and the Middle East. But if you’re not in town on the first few days remember that winter sales in Rome last until 15 February!
Sales are strictly regulated by art. 15 of Legislative Decree no. 114 of 1998. Each Regions then rule precise “authorised dates” and length thereof. Sales can only take place between the authorised dates and each item shall provide for both the original and discounted price as well as for the discount percentage. Sale items can be purchased with credit cards and cannot be changed unless they are somehow defective.


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