Best place in Sicily: Beach next to Modica by the sea. Amazing rocks and cliffs  on sandand pieces of bricks by the old brickfactory.

The best thing that had happened in Finland as we were away: Kärpat won the Finlands championship in icehokey.

Totally the worst thing that happened as we got back to Finland: The minister choise that were made. Paavo, I do not like you!

Worst place in Sicily: Via Plebisicito 590, Catania

Most turistic city: Taormina

Most hard thing to find: a law thet Italians follow.

Palle’s idea of the best thing:Changing secery, so many valleys and you never knew what to expect after the slope/mountain

Most hard thing to understand:  They have all that wine and they do not drink it.

The most understandable thing: They have so much wine that you can not even try to drink it all.

Best sweet thing: Pizza w/ ricotta and cinamon from the muuripizza in Modica

The most narrow street:  you have to turn back both mirrors in order to get thrugh the street.

Only rude people: At Palermo airport Tabacchi postcard seller

Most helpful person: a hard one, a tie between Palle’s brother Wille who wnnt to our home to search for a passport copy, Sivi who came to save us after the robbery w/ her bicycle and Ciro, our unbeliveable brother in deep south.

Best sausage: Salcicca in Ciros land  uuuuuuuuhhhhuuu