Had a B-day ysterday. Got an exellent present from Palle. Brush to clean the grill. I love it!
  Had some friends over to work in Talkoot. Talkoot is a truly finnish word.
  talkoot s bee
s voluntary work

It is when your friends come over to help you w/ some tasks and you have good time together and in the end you many times end up in sauna after eating eating what the host provides. Beer is always served in talkoot in our circle of friends.

We started w/ exellent pork-beef-onion pancake. As I snak we had some sausages. As main meal we had bruchetta w/tomatoes and oregano from own land, salted samon w/ potatoes, grilled kassler = pork w/ mushroomsa and ricotta pasta. As a dessert we ate
rhubarb and iceream.

Tiitus Seppänen provided the best program. He was visiting his uncle Heikki and had travelled 9 hours in order to came to see how people have summercottages in the middle of Helsinki ;)

We were plenty; Inkku, Pasi V, Eija, Allan, Palle's mom Irma, Heikki and Tiitus. Micke and Eve came also by w/ thie almost 2 two weeks old Hopi-boy. Thanks to all attendees. It was a great day to share w/ you. I worked so hard myself that most like ly never done that much in a day before. What a shame that we did not take before and after photoes. Bye bye
dandelions, so long weeds and grass.