Flea market

There are many ways to spend your weekends. Some go to the beach while other goes to visit their relatives. We go to the flea market. "We" is quite a lot said as I usually prefer sleeping in when Palle goes "hunting". This weekend I've been up w/ the sun as I've been the designated driver for crippled Palle. And for a carload of stuff.

Same maneuvers every time. Me having hard time waking up. Palle telling how late we are again, always same line in same location, every single time. Then piling the suitcases in the square and setting up the tables. Palle complaining about me, finding the neighbouring tables more interesting than organizing his. He might have  it right.

It is a pleasure to wander around w/o any need to find anything. I noticed that my hunting skills were quite rusty; the lack of co-operation of eye and hand coordination was noticeable. I found blue Dora Jung's Roses table cloth for 1 Euro as well as some Iittala candle holders in original packing.

There are the same people to be seen in Hietsu morning after morning. I admire Palle's social skills as he has something special to say to many of those who walk by. It is amazing how the network works. Each seems to have their own expertise and it is a game of its own how you get the information out of them. We met a toy expert on Sunday. We have had a lion puppet and a hedgehog for sale for a while. The Dutch man was giving us pointers how to recognise special features- how the nose in sown, colour sprayed or what kind of material is used to fill the head. So the lion must have been bade before 1950´s. Interesting.

I wrote the previous text couple weeks ago. Now Palle is only limping, the cast and supportive boot is thrown away. And he was selling again. Great business in lovely weather, until the thunderstorm came by. I called a friend who was beside a computer and he gave accurate prognoses about the incoming rains. We were working quite well as the rain was pouring down. W/ Palle's brother helping we packed everything in away and went home to change for dry clothes and to take a nap. And now we look for the weather forecasts and try to decide to go or not to go.

People keep asking why do we do it? Why?  I assume it has something to do w/ primitive instinct. You go out there and it is a game of the fittest. Who finds the best bites.  And immediately after the hunting the redistribution of goods = Sometimes Palle finds things he knows someone else is interested and sells them further in less than a hour.

I'm quite well kept wife. I get gifts pretty much every weekend.  And during the week in the summer. Sometimes more prestigeous than other. I'm not complaining (every day).