My friend Tiitta was complaining about bad service she gets in Hanoi in her latest blog entry.

Up in the second floor in Hanoi fabric hall there are lots of fabric sellers. Should I say lots of lazy and rude fabric sellers. There they lie on top of their fabric piles and make fun out of fat Finnish tourists walking by.

BUT I have to promote this place in Hanoi market hall.

As we walked around this happy smile was a great suprise. We went round the silk section and returned to her as she was the only one who greeted us and welcomed to her shop.

Look at the fabulous colours! We bought 21 meters of taffeeta. Black and white and green and red. + lining silk as well. And paid almost 2.000.000 dong =  about 84 euros. Ok, it was not 130cm wide silk, maybe 80cm. Now anyone knows a good seamstress?


So if you need silk in Hanoi, go and visit Thu-Dung. And please send my greetings.