It has been a while since I have been blogging. Some extreamly cool ideas have gone through a thinking process in my head, but no, I have not gotten into vuodatus pages. Too bad for me and thanks to some of you for complaining about it. It seems that I have had some true followers...

Today I want to share some thoughts. We were at ÖFN's 85th anniversary party with Palle. Lots of old friends and most importantly, some new! I was seated beside an older man from Pyttis. He had seen an anouncement about the party in a newspaper and as he never had been in ÖFN's annual party when he was a student in '48-'51 he thought that now it was time to experience it.

After couple of hours talking to him, I naturally googled him. Active in some clubs. Born 1927=> 81 years old. He told us that he had just began a digital photagraphy course. Seemed to know how to skype. Had written some genealogy studies with a computer. Wow. If Kisu and Raija have given an example to us girls, so here is it for you guys. Lets keep on going until it is time to go. 

He told us about being in a hospital for TB, tuberculosis, a long time ago. And how there had been an choir singing a refrain about how nice it is in the afterworld. And then he decided to be sound again. A way to go!

The funniest thing was that he started to tell a "story" about STRÖMfors getting its name. As it happened, Palle, descending NohrSTRÖM, could redress some details.

It is rarely that I get so inspired about meeting new people, but today this Lauri was a gem!

Skål för den saken!