Greetings from Annapolis!
Having great time here visirting my "sister".  Julie has this great family of Meredith and Clayton here in the eastern shore. We have been here after a gret  week in NYC (you"ll see some pic. etc later). It is so nice and QUIET. No trafic to keep you awake.

We are coming back here soon. So many things to talk about with Julie. 1987-88 was not the best year of our life. It is 15 years since we met last time, but i HOPE I T DOES NOT TAKE THAT LONG FOR OYUR NEXT VISIT.

They have the most wonderful house here in Annapolis. We feel so welcome and the food is great.
Clayton works really hard and we try to not to disturb too much. He studies for his MBA. Good for him. But as we know, do not work too much!

This is the best way to spend your sick leave. Not that I encourage people to get sick leave beacause of burn out sympthoms. I'm having good time :)

I'm waiting Julie to get Meredith  to sleep- we'll hit the mexican joint for margaritas.

God bless ya all!