If you do not happen to know- we are on our way to Sicilia. But look what kind of threat I got!

"- there are not photos with me and claudia preparing melanzane. That's very dangerous x you as you are at high risk of NOT to taste the lamb on the fire I must prepare for Easter  !!!!!

Maybe it is better a corrective action in your website..... to add what it is missing... if you love what you could eat in Sicily !!!!!!!"

Now I'n in panic and try to find some nice pictures from the net that remind close enough the happenings of last summer as we had no camera then :)

melanzane.3.jpg too fancy, not that Claudia and Ciro could not do it, but we were in mökki so I think this next one looks better, more like the ones we had. It was unbeliveable how delicious it was. pizza-e-birra_macaroniTomatoesBasilEggpl

The next is a picture of something I learned to eat in USA. Eggplant parmizana. I wonder if it is something one gets in Sicilia?

Still, the fired eggpants and zuccinis were even more amazing made by Claudia and Ciro in summer of 2006.

OK Ciro, do I get my lamb now or should I keep searching?

The best thing about this assignement was that I found this unbeliveable blog, (suprisingly?) about food